Teachmeet 2013

After the success of the last Teachmeet, we had the idea of having a few more, dotted around the county. After many emails and Twitter conversations, we can now confirm the next events. These are:

Wednesday 20th March (4:30-6:30pm) – Langrish Primary School, Petersfield, GU32 3PJ

Current Attendees:


Thursday 25th April (4:30-6:30pm) – The Costello School, Basingstoke RG21 4AL

Current Attendees:


Thursday 2nd May (4:30-6:30pm) – St James’ Primary, Emsworth, PO10 7PX

Current Attendees:



Each of these events will be free and we are hoping to get the same freebies for each Teachmeet. Sponsors will be announced shortly but there will be free trials of software as well as goodies to take away. You can attend as many of these events as you wish and please spread the word too! We would love to get people that have never been to a Teachmeet before. We hope that each of these events to have around 30 people attending, but we will need people offering to present as well. This doesn’t have to be about ICT, it can be anything and on any topic – primary or secondary. The only rules are that you are not selling a product, and that you are talking about something you are doing, or have done, in your classroom. Often the best presentations are not whizzy and technical, but real teachers sharing their ideas. Children are welcome to present as well.

To sign up, just click the links below and fill in your details.

Sign-up to attend or present: Langrish Primary         The Costello School             St James’ Primary

We hope to see you there!

PS: There is also a Teachmeet happening in Portsmouth at the fabulous Action Stations. This event also has free laser quest!

Wednesday 6th March (6:00-8:00pm) – Action Stations, Portsmouth Dockyard (This is being organised by David Rogers, so sign-up here instead)


#tmhants is back!

The first Teachmeet of this academic year is to be held at Titchfield Primary School, Fareham, on Thursday 15th November. We will aim to kick-off at 4:30pm and will finish around 6pm. There will also be the chance to go for food afterwards too. Arrival is welcome from 4pm when drinks and nibbles will be served.

Titchfield Primary School is here: Southampton Road  Fareham PO14 4AU

So that’s the important bits…but what is a Teachmeet? Well it’s a meeting of teachers where they come together and share ideas. If you haven’t got any ideas or don’t want to share, that is fine. Come along and listen. It is an event organised by teachers to look at some great things that are happening in local schools. So, if you want to attend, fill in the form below.

Oh…it’s free too!

Prizes on offer: Subscription to Springboard Stories

Free stuff for everyone! – Trial of Busy Things until Easter 2013 (worth £50). Purple Mash for 3 months (worth £150)

For details on the presentations, please visit: www.teachmeethants.co.uk


Kidsmeet – St John’s

This post is to showcase the great work from my children at the recent Kidsmeet event. From my point-of-view, they were incredible.

They presented on a range of different tools such as Google Sites, Popplet, Animoto and 2DIY. If you have never seen Popplet before (www.popplet.com) then Imi made an example to discuss how it could be used within the classroom. This Popplet can be found here and a how-to video is here.  A video explaining how Google Sites are created can be found here.

Throughout the afternoon there were many discussions about Digital Leaders, Google Apps, Twitter and many other things! It seems like there are lots of exciting things happening in schools acorss Hampshire and we thank everyone for attending. There will definitely be another event soon.

Here are some photos put together on Animoto by some of my Digital Leaders.



On Wednesday April 25th, we will be organising a Kidsmeet event. The purpose of this event is to showcase some of the learning from children across Hampshire.

This event is free and will give you the opportunity to listen to some teachers, and lots of children, discuss their learning and their use of different tools in the classroom. The event will take place at Ashburton Hall, Winchester from 1:30pm until 4:30pm.

To find out more or to book your place, please email Julie.broomfield@blackfield.hants.sch.uk


Flexible Filtering

You may not have seen this, but Flexible Web Filtering is now enabled in Hampshire schools. This will mean that sites can be turned on (or off) for access within school.

This short guide might help you get started.


ICT Magic Magazines

I came across these today and thought you might like to have a quick look through. They are online magazines created by Martin Burrett (@ictmagic) and contain a wealth of ideas, resources and tools to use in various areas of the classroom. There are some great ones that I’d heard of such as Isle of Tune, Sumo Paint and Audacity but also loads that I hadn’t seen before.

Do go and take a look.

January 2012 - http://issuu.com/mrburrettsclass/docs/ictmagic_show_jan_2012?mode=embed&showFlipBtn=true

June 2011 - http://issuu.com/mrburrettsclass/docs/ictmagic_show_jun_11?mode=embed&showFlipBtn=true


A quick update

We thought it was about time that we posted an update about some of the things we have planned for the Hampshire BLT this year.

Firstly, we want to share more. This will involve training events and also sharing good ideas from the classroom. So we’d like to hear from you, what sort of training events would be useful? The first one that is planned is a session on blogging that will showcase the power of blogging with pupils and explain how to get started with your own blogs. Could your school help to host a session after school one day? All we would need is a classroom with internet access and we will provide the rest. Please get in touch with Ian to offer your school as a venue.

Later in the year, hopefully around April, we will also be organising Hampshire’s first Kidsmeet. This follows in the vein of Teachmeet events and will involve children sharing their learning with other children, teachers and head teachers. We will post details of that very soon.

Also, tomorrow many schools across Hampshire will be lucky enough to see Tim Rylands talk at Brockenhurst School. Tim always provides excellent advice and ideas for schools so it will be interesting to see what he has to share with us. We will post some resources here in the next few days. Tim’s blog is here.


Tim Rylands coming to Hampshire?

The excellent Tim Rylands is pencilled in to come and speak at a Hampshire school on January 3rd. Tim is a fabulous speaker and everyone will leave inspired and enthused. The session will be on Tuesday January 3rd and will be held at Brockenhurst School in the New Forest. The cost is £35 per person and this includes refreshments.

The plan for the day is for Tim to share some fantastic resources at the start before giving delegates a chance to have a play and get hands-on with the tools. Delegates will learn loads from the session and have a wealth of resources and ideas to take back to their school.

To find out more about Tim, visit his website: www.timrylands.com

To book a place, email trudie.cawthra@brockenhurst-primary.hants.sch.uk


Launch Day

Today saw the launch of the Hampshire BLT network. We were lucky enough to have Andrew Macdonald-Brown presenting. His talk has hopefully inspired people to think about how they work with their pupils.

To view the presentation, click here.

To find out more about the Hampshire BLT, feel free to have a look around and get in touch if we can help.


Sounding Out – The Power of Audio Tools

A short slideshow from the Hampshire BLT launch at Ashburton Hall Winchester for the Sounding Out workshop – summarising the areas discussed, and the recordings from attendees on the day.

Susan (mp3)

Steve (mp3)

Jo (mp3)

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